Context is Information about Information

All information is context dependent. However, we often don’t stop to look at the implied frames in which our information is packaged. Information about information is context extension. Context Recognition Theory (CRT) gives us a framework to see just how information is extended and how the information matrix contains presuppositions, identities and metaphors that may or may not actually be congruent with the surface layer.

The information about the information that is extended in the invisible is as powerful or in many cases more powerful than the primary message itself. For instance, the message that a problem must be “attacked” rather than “acknowledged” implies a metascape of possible behaviors. The identity and choices of actors that “attack” rather than “acknowledge” are operating in different worlds.

Context Recognition Theory (CRT) recognizes that metaphor ( among a number of other dynamics) as being a significant context extender and contributor to the information about information that is nested above and below information packages.